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This summer….we’re going BIG!!! At a brand new retreat facility, we will be spoiled by a catering crew, full teaching staff & in-house yoga teachers, huge dorms, large event spaces (indoor and outdoor), IN-HOUSE DJ (!!!), VIP transportation tour bus, camp counselors (past attendees who have graduated from the retreat age) & MORE!

Join our EPIC sisterhood as we head to the San Juan Islands for the 4TH Annual Sowing Sadhana (5-day and 4-night overnight) retreat July 19th-23rd! Keep scrolling to learn more…

Katie Blair

Aside from being a virtual business coach for women, producing THIS event each summer for teens is my greatest joy. Three years backpacking around the globe and 4 little sisters later…. here we are. Four years ago, I started Sowing Sadhana in hopes of helping introduce teens to those deep parts of ourselves we don’t often find until we’re out on our own for the first time. I went on a journey for quite some time to undertake that magical “find yourself” path. What I realized – was that the parts of me I was uncovering… were parts of me that had always been there – they were just dormant. And what would have happened if I had only had the chance to learn them as a teen – instead of waiting to go find them for myself?

The Sowing Sadhana retreat has evolved from a small event with 4 girls on the first retreat, and it has been growing ever since – escalating quickly… and for good reason. This immersive journey we undertake with these girls is meant to serve as the counter-balance to school that isn’t found anywhere else. The WHY to their life. To find THEIR power, importance, flow & unique jive to this human experience. To discover what lights them up, become conscious of their faults while making peace with them – and be proud of what sets them apart from the rest.

Four years later… this event has become so much more than a retreat or a summer camp. Sowing Sadhana is a rite of passage that represents the sisterhood that the entire country, if not world – is craving. It puts the innocence and playfulness back into this time in a girl’s life – while gifting her the opportunity to go inside and awaken her inner warrior BEFORE she reaches a point in life where she has no choice but to go out and figure it out for herself.

My hope for these girls is to bask in their independent glory, be unapologetically themselves and use their gift of new confidence to not only make all their own goals and dreams come true – but spread the light by being the light…. giving others permission to do the exact same. Sadhana is the act of one’s daily practice into embodying their own power and impact on the globe – and so this year, we hope to take all the girl’s through an intense journey of the soul that allows them to sow the golden nuggets of information and unforgettable moments for the rest of their lives.

The Retreat

School stressing you out? Drama with friends? Crumbling under pressure? Anxious? Depressed? Feel like nobody understands you? Feel disconnected from even…yourself? This is the experience you have been waiting for!

This year, teen girls will come from around the country and gather to understand HOW to find their inner power and use that to fuel their life in a new direction. Trust us… we have PLENTY of fun – but we also bring extreme importance to the practices of nourishment, movement, meditation, connection, wellness, adventure & activation – and how to use them to change your life.

We provide a space to empower each of you to better understand yourself, those around you, the world around you & the depth of your capabilities. We unveil the unique issues facing this generation and teach you powerful tools that you aren’t being taught in school – that make this whole life thing a whole lot easier and painless!!

Topics of Exploration


With daily yoga flows, ecstatic dance & carefully designed activities to get you out of your mind and into your body – learn what it feels like to come alive through movement. The intentional focus on this element at the retreat allows you to let go and release the things held in your body that no longer serve you – and experience the magic that comes when you learn how to FULLY exist in the connection between mind, body & soul.


Learn how to ease anxiety and stress, stay more energized and productive, keep your mind clear and focussed & figure out what you REALLY want and how to make it happen. Through daily guided meditations and discussions, we will learn about this powerful tool and help you establish easy ways to bring it into your daily routine so that you can experience the magical benefits of it year round.


Finally come home to your body. Experience love and gratitude for the vehicle that carries you daily – and understand the benefits that come from truly taking care of it! Through food, thought, exercise, daily habits & self care – reshape your entire life by experiencing how true success with ANYTHING will always start with YOU!


Learn the tools to fully step into the girl you’ve always wanted to be… and uncover what has been keeping her small. Together, we will be going on a journey into discovering exactly what you want for yourself – and how to walk the path to creating a life of your dreams. In addition, we’ll understand how our daily actions affect ourselves, our loved ones, strangers & the planet as a whole.


Come by yourself or come with your friends – it won’t matter! This week will dive into true connection with each other, and the crazy beautiful power that comes from that! Every year thus far has ended in widespread happy tears at the new sisterhood and family that gets created. We laugh together, cry together, learn together & grow together. We hold very special space for deep breakthroughs, transformation and the ability to learn how to speak your truth like never before – while being awakened by watching others doing the same.


Breathe in the fresh air!! Don’t worry, there will be no shortage of play time! The retreat is located on the ocean, and there will most certainly be time for exploring, swimming, dancing, bonfires, games, free time and much more!

Sample Itinerary

**PLEASE NOTE** : This retreat is designed to turn off distractions and allow you to completely disconnect and re-center with like-minded girls. To do this, we will be collecting all phones on the first day to be placed into a box for the majority of the retreat. Families will have access to teachers 100% of the time in case of emergency – and girls will absolutely be able to call home with a teacher’s phone as well if needed. In addition, a bed time of 10:30pm is strictly enforced as we wake up early and enjoy jam-packed days! If you choose to join us – please expect to abide by both of these rules so that the entire group can all get the most out of the experience!

The Location

Join us this year at our brand new location! Just a few hours outside of Seattle, we will escape the city for a gorgeous retreat facility on a nearby island. As we will be right on the ocean, there will be time for sun bathing & swimming so we can soak up the sea! The retreat center is equipped with several activity spaces (indoor & outdoor), bonfire pit & enough room so that each girl will enjoy her own bed!

Sierra is returning for the third time this summer! She resides in Marin County, CA where she helps run a meditation center and is focussed on heart-centered living. Her university studies in child development and family relations are an extension of her deep care for human connection and supporting youth in their fullest expression. When she isn’t working or teaching yoga, she can be found at ecstatic dance, sharing song with friends, getting creative in the kitchen, or playing outside with the elements. She is inspired to support the next generation of women in connection to their own body wisdom, inner peace, each other as sisters, the natural world and greater community.


It’s Gabe’s second time with us at the Sowing Sadhana event! She is an enthusiastic, motivating, down to earth woman with a taste for adventure and travel – seasoned with a dash of reality. She studied at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and the Tantric Institute where she studied under the top figures and role models in nutrition, health and wellness. She specializes in natural healing, is a teacher of how food is medicine and guides clients using tools to transform their bodies, minds and emotions. She believes fully in the power of the mind and that people are able to learn, know and grow themselves to be able to live to their fullest potential.


Obsidian is excited and looking forward to joining us as a Sowing Sadhana mentor and counselor for the second time this year! She was born and raised in Las Vegas and a few of her passions include: hosting mindful workshops and women circles, teaching and practicing yoga, women’s wellness, traveling, and exploring nature. Obsidian has worked with children since she was an young teen herself, and has always been very passionate about supporting youth during their middle and high school years to help them navigate through the tough stuff that comes with being a teenager. 

Haley will also be joining us for the second summer this year! She is a spiritual mentor, certified yoga instructor and spends her time with clients integrating healing through the chakra system. After struggling with a long life of anxiety and depression and extremely rough teen years, she began a deep dive of extensive studies of all things spirituality, mental health, emotional well being. Haley was able to unlock many secrets & tools to creating your most liberating experience. Her passion is helping other women discover, cultivate and maintain this magick of a liberated existence in their own day to day lives.



What Attendees Are Saying

“When I first decided to go on the retreat I didn’t know what to expect. I think it was magic that lead me to going, now. The things I learned have changed me and I’m genuinely happier because of them. I have brought home peace and good vibes. One of the best things that ever happened to me!”


“I have been going to this retreat for two years now, and it’s amazing. I went into the retreat not knowing what to expect, but came out with a best friend and SO MANY new sisters. You go in scared but you come out of it with amazing friends & learning ways to love yourself and find positivity in not so happy things. This retreat has taught me soo much and helped me extremely! It is a week you will never forget. Friends you will have for life. There is not a better experience for teen girls struggling or just wanting to find a place to belong, to know that you’re not alone.”


“My experience at the Sowing Sadhana retreat brought out all the emotions, all of the sad and happy moments of my life. It lead me to finding the better inner-me, and brought so many new blessings into my life. Throughout the 5 day retreat there was many tears, giggles and new sisterhood. I was unsure about how the retreat would play out and it was nothing like what I was expecting, in the best way possible. This retreat helped me learn new techniques in self-love and confidence, along with breathing and anxiety methods. Would highly recommend to any young girl, searching for their missing pieces.”


“At first I wasn’t sure about the whole yoga and healthy eating thing…but by the end of the camp I felt rejuvenated, excited and happy that I was going home knowing about the things I had learned. I use them as much as I can in my everyday life.


“I had an amazing time at the retreat! I really enjoyed the dancing and all the fun learning. The meditations allowed me to connect with myself more and through listening to the leaders, I learned how to hold onto that connection. I feel more grounded and watched over since leaving. I now have the tools to access calmness and peace within myself.. something I am very thankful for. It was a magical and inspiring experience!”


“At first I was hesitant to go to the camp because I would not know anybody, but since going to the camp I have learned more about myself and I have met my best friends. Katie and the girls had such a great impact in my life and I am so thankful to be apart of the family she created. I love them with all my heart!”


“Katie has had such a big impact on my life. Her vast knowledge and teachings have brought so much positivity to my life. She has inspired me to make healthy choices for my mind, body and spirit. Her teachings have opened up a healthier and happier lifestyle for me and I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to attend one of her retreats.”


“Sowing Sadhana awakened a part of me that I didn’t know existed. Being surrounded by such empowering and positive people for just five days has had such an amazing impact on my everyday choices and mindset. Katie’s teachings have changed the way I look at the world and she has inspired me to be embrace my true self.”


“After this retreat, my life has changed forever! Sowing Sadhana has provided me with so much knowledge and help in areas of my life that are not taught in school. When I left camp I felt so happy and full of life and I owe it all to Katie and the teachers – and the all of the girls who I got to know and love throughout the week. If you are even thinking about attending this retreat, it is the place for you. Come join the sisterhood! Everybody is welcomed with open arms.”


“Going into this camp I was completely oblivious to the change that were about to happen. My mom somehow got me to agree to go, knowing this was something I would never do willingly. When I got into the van with all the other girls, I was uneasy that the rest of the week would be as awkward as the first ten minutes with those girls. I was wrong. I learned so much from not only the counselors but from the other girls. I let go of things that I had never been able to speak about, and I made relationships that I know will carry on through my life. Sowing Sadhana is an experience that no one knows they need, but something that will change their life for the better.”


“Sowing Sadhana was a life-changing experience for me. I felt loved and accepted there for who I am. I also was able to heal and understand myself better. I’ve made some of the best friends I’ve met at this retreat. I feel as if every girl should experience this at least once in their life.”


Frequently Asked Questions

Who will be coming?

Any teenage girl is welcome to join! We have space for about 60 girls and are expecting to fill it up – so reserve your spot ASAP!

Where will it be?

This year we have booked an extravagant retreat center right on the ocean on an island outside of Seattle! The exact location will be given to parents upon request a few days before the retreat.

How do we get there/ what if my daughter is flying in?

The day of the retreat, there will be a designated meeting spot to hop on our big VIP tour bus inside Seattle! We will be swinging by the airport as well to pick up any girls flying in before heading off to the retreat space. Drop-off will be the afternoon of the last day in the same meeting spot/airport spot as the first day. Have your daughter land or arrive in Seattle no later than noon on July 19th – and fly out no earlier than 5pm on July 23rd (we expect to be back to the airport by 2-3pm)!

How much does it cost and how do I sign up?

Scroll up to view the pricing tables which display all the details of what is included. If the full amount cannot be paid upfront, a non-refundable deposit of $275 is also available as an option to secure a spot with a payment plan. Please email sowingsadhana@outlook.com to discuss possible scholarship opportunities.

What if I can't make it after I've registered?

We understand emergencies come up last minute. If for any reason you cannot attend the event after registering – please let us know as soon as possible. Please note that your spot is refundable (minus the $275 non-refundable deposit fee from either payment option).

How can I stay notified about this/these events?

At the bottom of this page is a space to insert your email to be the first to know about ALL THINGS Sowing Sadhana!

What do we need to bring?

All you will need to bring is your clothing/ toiletries for the week, a signed waiver, and a yoga mat! A packing list and the waiver will be sent out the week before the retreat starts.

What will the schedule be like?

The days will be fun-filled with lots of activities, games, workshops, discussions, yoga flows, etc. However, there will definitely be some free time allotted everyday as well for attendees to enjoy themselves and the property on their own! Scroll up to view a sample itinerary of what to expect day-to-day at the retreat!

Is it weird if I come alone?

NOT AT ALL! This is actually encouraged! The retreat will provide you the opportunity to make lots of new friends and group activities will allow everyone to get to know each other very quickly. Coming with friends is definitely fun – but coming alone is, too! Just read the attendee testimonials 🙂

What are the sleeping arrangements like?

Every attendee will have their own bed! We have multi-level dorm-style facilities this year and floors will be separated by age. Beds have their own designated spaces and corners – all open with no doors. A very strict lights out of 10:30pm is enforced so that everyone can have an optimum experience!

How can I donate to the scholarship fund?

We’re hoping to send a couple girls for FREE this year, and we can only do that with YOUR help! If you wish to make a donation, please send it through PayPal to kaitlynwilliamson@outlook.com with a note that it is for the Sowing Sadhana scholarship fund. We will keep you updated with who gets to go because of your help!

How can I ask a question not listed?

Please reach out to us at sowingsadhana@outlook.com !!


What Parents Are Saying

“My daughter has attended the Sowing Sadhana Retreat each summer for several years. This retreat has helped my daughter’s growth and happiness more than any other experience she has had. At the retreat, she is surrounded by people who understand her, care about her experience and help support her personal growth goals. My daughter reflects heavily during these retreats, then opens up and learns about herself because she feels safe enough to be vulnerable in the environment. Katie has created a safe place where my daughter can learn and grow. Each year my daughter returns with a renewed focus, a pep in her step and a positive outlook on life. She’s always immediately excited to go back again the next summer and makes sure to let Katie know so she doesn’t miss it. Her confidence, empathy, compassion, patience and calmness have all developed through the work she has completed in this retreat. My daughter will soon be a freshman in college and I see how much the retreats have helped prepare her for the transition. Katie and her entire staff provide a safe and positive experience year after year, and it only keeps improving! There is now an option for my daughter to stay connected throughout the year, which helps keep her mindful and grounded during hectic periods of school, work and theater. I can’t say enough positive things about the impact the Sowing Sadhana Retreat has had on my daughter’s happiness, health and confidence!”


“We recently moved to Chicago over the summer. I sent my daughter on this retreat to learn more about herself and enhance her communication. I thought it would help her get ready for a new school. It’s always a beautiful thing when young women can inspire each other. She had an amazing time and will definitely be back next summer. Thank you Katie and team for making her feel special from the first meeting – through the entire experience. This retreat is for any teen that wants a fun, positive experience!”


“At 15, my daughter attended the retreat last summer and learned a number of skills that helped her adjust for a big cross-country move, including starting at a new school in 10th grade. She learned some yoga moves, breathing techniques and easy meditations to get through the anxiety and stress that comes with such a move, but also the smaller scale things like normal high school drama. She also learned better eating habits – she hasn’t had a soda since the retreat!”


“Sowing Sadhana was such an amazing experience for my daughter! Bella came back glowing. She felt like she was able to have deep and open conversations, not only with the other girls at camp – but also the wonderful women there to guide these beautiful girls. I was so impressed with the changes I saw in a girl I had to force to go to the camp from the one who cried coming home because she wanted to stay encircled by the amazing friendships she made. I am also very impressed with the follow through the camp offers as well. Having the monthly phone call where the ladies are able to reconnect and discuss their everyday lives and the things that are affecting them now is huge. I am so very grateful this opportunity was available to us, as I believe it was truly life changing for my daughter.


“My 16-year-old daughter attended this camp and she was ALL smiles afterward!  On a scale of 1 to 10 she gave it a 20.  She was already interested in yoga, healthy eating, sustainability, and adventure and she got to meet like minded people, both the other teens and the staff.  She can’t wait to attend next year!”


“My daughter attended Katie’s camp last summer and came home with a huge smile and an energy I hadn’t seen in a long time. She practiced yoga and mediation, learned about healthy eating, sustainability and had the chance to connect with other teens in a way that is so rare in our over-stimulated, technology obsessed world. The location was beautiful and provided them the opportunity to enjoy nature and unwind, and just have fun. Katie is an exceptional role model and has so much wisdom to share with the girls. She truly practices what she preaches and continues to inspire my daughter through her love of travel, yoga/mindfulness and learning about other cultures. My daughter is already looking forward to next year’s camp!”


“My daughter Chloe attended the 2019 summer retreat and what a great experience she had! While we were nervous about leaving her, we were pleasantly surprised with insta pics and short video clips of the girls participating in their days activities. My daughter who is a little more quiet and more of an observer – really allowed herself to open up with the other girls, teachers, and Katie. My daughter learned and gained so much from the retreat from health, spirituality, and positivity and to how to use this in her life. Chloe came back as a very happy young lady and she looks forward to this summers retreat. This retreat was exactly what Chloe needed and what a difference it has made. We still see the benefits and practices from the retreat in her life.”


“My daughter has long struggled with anxiety. She came home from camp with her own testimony of “this camp changed my life.”   Since coming home from camp we have witnessed her being much more confident with herself, more aware of others, and a sense that she is coming to peace with herself. She took up many interests at camp including meditation, mindful eating, and an interest in minerals/crystals and learning how we are connected to the earth. She has already said that she wants to go back next summer and looks forward to connecting with her “sisters” during the monthly phone calls.”


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